Glorious Fresh Sheet

For delivery/pick up on Thursday 26 October

Please order by  6:00 pm Tuesday 24 October

THURSDAY deliveries continue until 30 November, weather permitting

 $150/delivery preferred, $13 to deliver orders less than $100 

Please let us know if you are ever disappointed in our quality or service!

Glorious Organics Chefs Fresh Sheet
Salads and Greens
Our signature salad - "greens", herbs, wild things and dried edible petals - no lettuce!
simpler blend of base "greens" including leaf lettuces
our own cross of kale and collards
Salads & Greens
Vegetables and Fruit
about 6 pieces /lb
halved pieces so we can save the seed
Salads & Greens
Flowers and Herbs
garnish quality
limited and weather dependent - put your wish in Comment Section and we'll do our best
Comments or special instructions