Once upon a time all farmers were seed stewards, saving and breeding seeds passed down to them, and then passing them on to the next generation.

About the mid 1800’s, seed production began to see a shift towards a specialized seed industry, where some farmers grew seeds, and others grew food.  As seed breeding efforts shifted from open pollinated types of seeds (which could be saved and replanted generation after generation) towards hybrid seeds (which need to be purchased every year) the separation of the food and seed industry grew further.  Fast forward to the mid to late 1900’s when old open pollinated varieties have been maintained with a fraction of the resources that had been poured into the hybridized and GMO seed industry.

Today there is a growing movement towards not only local food, but local seeds as well.  We are very proud to be a part of that movement!

Glorious Organics is a member of BC Eco Seed Co-op, a collection of farmers dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of locally produced seed.

We are also happy to be part of the Open Source Seed Initiative with the first seed contribution from north of the 49th parallel.  Together with other like minded breeders, we are keeping the seeds free and in the public domain!