Wildcrafting Workshop

Fraser Common Farm’s Plant Allies

with Lori Snyder.

Saturday 31 March 11:00 am 3:00 pm (Easter Weekend) on the unceded territory of the Kwantlen and Matsqui First Nations

Lori Snyder is descended from the T’suu tina (Sarcee), Nakota (Assiniboine), Cree, Nipissing and Annishinabbe (Ojibwa) people. She brings forth the First Nations’ perspective and knowledge of wild, edible, and medicinal plants – embracing the premiss that “whoever is around you and abundantly growing, is your ally.”

After a brief introduction, we will do solo walks about the farm being sensitive to specific plants that attract our attention and gathering samples of two or three. When we meet up again Lori will introduce to the merits of each plant and teach us how to make tinctures, salves, hydrosols and lip balms. Participants will be able to take home samples of two of the preparations.

Cost: $50/person (includes all supplies needed)
Number of participants: minimum 10 needed, up to a max of 15 folks


Wildcrafting Sign Up Form
I would like to donate an additional amount towards the winterizing of our Community Space so we can offer events here all year round.